PGMsoftware interface with the myData platform of ΑΑΔΕ

PGMsoftware interface with the myData platform of ΑΑΔΕ

myDATA, i.e. my Digital Accounting and Tax Application, is the new electronic platform, with which the Independent Authority for Public Revenue (ΑΑΔΕ) introduces e-books into the everyday life of businesses and professionals operating in Greece.

The main objective of this transformation is the ability of each business and professional to monitor at any time its financial data, but also the automation of the completion of tax returns, which will relieve them of obligations they have today, such as the submission of Customer – Supplier Statements (ΜΥΦ).

On 30/9/2021 the issuance of electronic invoices through the digital platform myDATA completed one year of pilot operation and from 1/10/2021 the registration on the platform of businesses and professionals with:

  • double-entry books and turnover over € 50,000, and
  • single-entry books and turnover over € 100,000,

became mandatory, while from 1/11/2021 all the rest businesses and professionals must be registered, including those affected by the pandemic, such as those in the fitness sector.

The revenue documents for the fiscal year 2021, which have been issued before the above-mentioned mandatory registration dates, must be transmitted to the myDATA platform no later than 31/3/2022.

For computerized businesses and professionals, the transmission of the summary of revenue documents to the ΑΑΔΕ is performed via the accounting – commercial software program they use. Our company has adapted PGMSoftware to the procedures concerning the myData platform and our customers, who want this upgrade, are kindly requested to express their interest by sending a relevant email to the address:, in order to set an appointment for the necessary work by a technician of our company via the internet (distant administration) and to be informed about their cost.

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