Our Company


We are a dynamic company at the cutting edge of IT Science and Technology with activity mainly in the fields of development and promotion of integrated innovative IT solutions and specialized applications of High Technology.

In our presence so far in the field from 2004 until today, we have managed with continuous growth to consolidate our presence throughout Greece, expanding the range of solutions provided and unlocking to the fullest the capabilities of our customers through High Technology. The main components of our successful course are the systematic investment in both organization and infrastructure, as well as in know-how and specialization. In view of the above, we closely monitor developments in the field of High Technology, having in our toolkit the most modern tools.
Based on Open Source tools, platforms and technologies always driven by the quality and reliability of our services, we offer solutions with the best value for money, according to the real needs of our customers.

Our mission and timeless commitment is our continuous effort to improve the quality of our products and services at all levels:

We provide solutions by focusing and understanding the real needs of our customers … and not just by meeting their requirements

We provide specialized (ad hoc) … and not general solutions (one-size-fits-all)

We aim at long-term partnerships … and not occasional solutions


At Infokey we represent internationally recognized companies and, in collaboration with domestic Academic Institutions, develop and provide value-added applications and products for:

Large-scale AFIS, mixed biometric identification and reading of travel documents: We provide electronic identification solutions for individuals based on their biometric data and travel documents (finger, face, eye iris, voice, E-Passport) according to international standards (NIST, ISO, FBI).

“Smart” security systems: we provide access control systems, using biometrics, Video Content Analysis and Computer Vision methods.

Time and Attendance: we provide integrated systems for recording the working hours of Business Personnel, the operation of which is based either on biometric methods or on the use of inductive (proximity) cards.

Authenticity of electronic documents: We develop and provide integrated systems for the use of electronic signatures in terms of receiving, identifying, approving and consenting the signatory to electronic forms.

Advanced high-tech solutions: Development and creation of a specialized software interface with devices (Hardware) to meet the specific needs of each professional industry.

Vertical Management Applications: we provide integrated management systems for small and medium-sized enterprises in sectors such as sports services, healthcare, club management and generally the provision of services, which are adapted to the specific needs of each business in order to operate more efficiently.