Mobile applications


The proliferation of smart mobile phones (smartphones) and tabletPC with impressive rhythms and internet and mobile telephony have increased user requirements. It is now possible via mobile telephony to entertain the user by downloading music and computer games, communicating with friends, exchanging views, locating geographic locations and navigating via GPS, promoting and advertising products and services, the conduct of money and banking transactions, etc. Many activities. The commercial presence and activation through mobile telephony applications only benefits to a business. At a relatively low cost it acquires direct and bi-directional access to a purchasing public, in which it can in a modern and original way promote its products and services and increase its sales. At the same time, with appropriate applications it can improve the intercompany communication through the mobile phones of the personnel and its partners, aiming to its effective operation. All this contributes to the reinforcement of the corporate image as a modern and open-minded enterprise. Our company has the experience and resources for the implementation of any mobile application project on both IOS and Android on behalf of third parties, by undertaking:

Its design and development,

Its submission, approval and placement in Appstores, and

Its technical support.