Software License Terms


Contract Concessions License Agreement programmes software INFOKEY

The limited liability company named Infokey Software Solutions Mon. Ltd., based in Chalandri, Attiki, on 26 Perikleous str., P.C. 152 32 and is legally represented (hereinafter referred to as “INFOKEY”) and the customer, whose information Emfanizonati in the Customer field of the legal sales document and is legally represented, agrees and mutually accepts the following:

INFOKEY may grant him license to use a program of the INFOKEY product line upon his/her own requirement under the terms and conditions contained below in this agreement.

1.    Definitions

The following expressions, if not otherwise required by the context, will have the meaning defined below:

1.1 “program” is the software application of the INFOKEY product line, with the information contained on the acceptance sheet of this in the “Program” field, as well as any new updates that will be made available to the customer on the basis of this Contract or technical support agreement of the program.

1.2 “license fee” means the grant value of the license, which is incorporated in the price of the program and paid by the customer to INFOKEY or an authorized dealer (reseller).


2.     Content of the license

The above license provides exclusively to the client the following rights *:

2.1 is permitted to install, use, access, display, perform or otherwise work (“execute”) with a copy of the SOFTWARE PRODUCT or any previous version for the same operating system, only to a Computer, workstation.

2.2 It is permitted to install and use the SOFTWARE PRODUCT in addition to one computer only if it has purchased for each PC the corresponding license to use the SOFTWARE PRODUCT from INFOKEY or from an authorized partner ( Reseller).

2.3 It is also permitted to store or install a copy of the SOFTWARE PRODUCT on a media, such as a network server, to be used only for the execution of the SOFTWARE PRODUCT to other by Computers through an internal network. However, it must acquire and dedicate one license for each computer on which the SOFTWARE PRODUCT Ekteleitai from the media. A license for the SOFTWARE PRODUCT may not be shared or used simultaneously on different by computers.

* Reservation of rights. INFOKEY reserves all rights not expressly granted.


3.     Description of other rights and PERIORISMWN

3.1 The client does not have the right to resell or generally transfer the SOFTWARE PRODUCT, regardless of the other sections of this license. The Affiliates (resellers) of the company are excluded following a special written agreement.

3.2 is not allowed to reverse engineer, reconstruct the source or object code (decompilation or disassembly) of the SOFTWARE PRODUCT, except in the case and only to the extent that such activities expressly permitted by applicable law notwithstanding the above limitation.

3.3 The license is for the SOFTWARE PRODUCT as a single item. Component parts may not be separated for use in more than one by computer.

3.4 The license does not grant any rights in connection with any trademarks of INFOKEY products or services.

3.5 The rental, rental or lending of the software product is prohibited.

3.6 INFOKEY may provide customer support services in relation to the SOFTWARE PRODUCT (“Support Services”). The use of support services is subject to the policy and institutionalised programs of INFOKEY as described in the user manual, the direct (“online”) documentation and/or other material provided by INFOKEY. Any additional software code provided to the customer within the framework of the support services shall be considered part of the SOFTWARE product and shall be subject to the terms and conditions of this license. With regard to the technical information provided to INFOKEY for technical support purposes, INFOKEY has the right to use it for business purposes, including support and development of the product. INFOKEY will not make use of these technical information in a manner that would disclose the identity of the client.


4.     Intellectual Property

4.1 All title rights included in the SOFTWARE product (including, but not limited to, images, photographs, animations, videos, sounds, music, text and applets) embedded in the product Software), in the printed material that accompanies it and in any copies of the SOFTWARE PRODUCT, as well as the intellectual property rights relating to all the above, belong to INFOKEY or its suppliers. All title and intellectual property rights contained in the content that can be accessed through the use of the SOFTWARE product are the property of the respective content owner and may They are protected by applicable copyright laws and conventions or other copyright laws and conventions. This license does not grant the client any rights to use this content. If this SOFTWARE product contains documentation that is provided in electronic form only, the client is allowed to print a copy of this electronic documentation. It does not have the right to reproduce the printed material accompanying the SOFTWARE PRODUCT.


5.    Duration-Expiration

5.1 This Agreement shall be valid from the date of issue of the relevant invoice to the client.

5.2 The period of validity of this agreement is indefinite and the licensed license is valid until such termination. The license expires automatically, without the need for notification of termination of this agreement by INFOKEY, in the event that the client violates any term of this agreement, all the terms of this symfwnoymenwn as essential.

5.3 In the event of termination of this agreement for any reason, the client shall immediately return to INFOKEY the program, including all relevant forms and any copies, whether authorized or not, of the program or such forms or shall In a manner indicated by the INFOKEY. The client may be required to sign a statement certifying compliance with the terms of this paragraph.


6.    Extent of responsibility

6.1 Without prejudice to the following article 7 (2), INFOKEY is not liable in any way to the client for any direct or indirect damage or damage caused or otherwise linked to the program or other objects or services provided for in this Convention. Furthermore, INFOKEY is not liable in the event of failure to execute the terms of this agreement due to strikes, social disturbances, accidental event and other cases of force majeure. INFOKEY, although it has checked the fidelity and quality of the program, does not provide any guarantee for the fidelity and any errors of the SOFTWARE PRODUCT. INFOKEY does not guarantee the completeness of the information contained in the program, nor the absolute accuracy thereof. The customer, recognizing the possibility of error or omission, must cross and verify the information that has been pumped in original sources. INFOKEY bears no responsibility whatsoever for damage or damage caused by:

a) Accident, drop, crushing, environmental conditions, magnetic fields, improper electrification, hardware failure

b) misuse or in use in accordance with the instructions for use

c) Any type of arbitrary intervention and/or modification by a person not specifically authorised by the INFOKEY

d) Failure to frequently back up the program’s data and system files

e) in interaction with other software products (software) or with electromechanical products (hardware).

f) INFOKEY does not guarantee the quality, performance, commerciality or suitability of the software for any special use/application. The software is available “as is” and the client assumes sole responsibility and risk for its suitability and performance. Under no circumstances may it be considered that an explicit, implied or implied warranty is hereby provided for anything not explicitly stated therein.

g) INFOKEY and its developers in no way have any primary or subsidiary liability for damages of any positive and/or consequential damages, and/or of the lost of profits, due to an existing present or future Defect or failure of the software and instruction manual that accompanies it. Indicatively, without limitation, INFOKEY will not be responsible for the proper functioning of the computer and its peripherals, in conjunction with any other software or computer network programs for the efficacy of the product In conjunction with any other software PRODUCT or third-party peripheral device, as well as for loss of data, files, or software programs.


7.    Additional services

INFOKEY undertakes, during the first quarter of this period of validity and subject to the prior receipt by the INFOKEY of the customer’s answer card (attached), to provide the following services:

7.1 To answer by telephone to the client during the working days and hours (Monday to Friday, hours 10:00-17:00) regarding information or questions about the most effective and complete use of the program.

7.2 It also undertakes to rectify any damage presented to the program only if it is proven to be at fault and in accordance with the provisions of article 6 of the Convention. It is explicitly agreed that these operations do not include any kind of work on the customer’s hardware.

7.3 To make available free of charge to the client, upon request, any improved update of the program.

7.4 As an exception to the above paragraph 7.2, INFOKEY does not have any obligation to the client if the client:

a) does not regularly perform the file-keeping job (backup).

b) uses the program on a PC that does not meet the necessary specifications set by INFOKEY for this program.

c) uses the program by not complying with the instructions in the user manuals.

d) Change the computer system where the program operates without the prior written approval of INFOKEY.

e) uses consumable materials that do not meet the specifications of the manufacturer of the PC.

f) Allow any interference to the programme by persons who are not authorised by INFOKEY for the work in question.

g) If the computer malfunctions or wears the magnetic media or interrupts or drops the voltage of the current.

INFOKEY provides services for the repair of faults and problems of the client due to non-compliance with the above terms of use, if such restoration is deemed possible by the INFOKEY, minimise the services as appropriate.


8.    Termination of the license agreement

8.1 This license is valid until any termination. All its terms are considered material and the violation of even one of them, automatically and without any other action, brings about unilateral termination by INFOKEY. In the event of such termination, the client is obliged to immediately deliver to INFOKEY all the software and any backup copies thereof, without having the right to reimbursement of his/her money, which he paid upon the assignment of his right to use. INFOKEY in the event of termination of the license is reserved to require the user and the repair of any damage suffered due to breach of the terms by the user. The right of use may be terminated:

  1. By “Client User”
  2. From INFOKEY if the “user-client” violates opoiondipote term of this contract, it is bankrupt or refuses to repay any debt to INFOKEY. In the event of repayment of the debt, INFOKEY benefactors the right to stop the software license until full payment of the balance.

In any case of termination of this agreement the “User-client” is obliged to Paysei to use the software, must remove from the memory of his computer the application and finally in no case is entitled, return of part or all of The price paid to obtain the license.


9.    Other provisions

9.1 Current text. The agreement between INFOKEY and the client is contained entirely in this document. The terms of this agreement may not be altered or amended except in writing. Failure to comply with one or more of the provisions of this Agreement shall not be construed as a waiver or amendment, nor shall it prevent its future execution.

9.2 Automatic acceptance. This agreement is wristband accepted by the customer in case of use of the software.

9.3 Applicable law. This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Greek law. Any dispute about the interpretation or application of this will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Athens.