Quality Policy


The company considers that the achievement of the predetermined and measurable objectives passes through the satisfaction of its customers, the continuous improvement of its processes and the training and development of staff.

It develops, produces and sells products satisfying customer requirements and expectations and provides effective after-sales services.

The quality of the products and services that have come from it must be at the centre of every employee’s interest in the company.

Each part of the company has, regarding the quality of the products and services provided, the corresponding responsibility for it, as the quality also comes from the skill of the persons acting in the development-design, production, installation and customization, the training of users, as well as the technical support of customers after the sale.

The staff is constantly trained to adapt to the modern requirements of the market, the customers, the new products produced by the company, the continuous improvement of the efficiency of the processes performed and the ways of achieving the goals set by the company.

The Quality Policy, as well as the objectives of the company concerning the improvement of the efficiency of the implemented I.R.S., are set, audited and revised annually during the review by the Company’s Management.

The company is committed to supporting with material means and human resources (if necessary) the quality objectives set each time and to communicate its quality policy as well as the legal–regulatory framework within which it must operate, to all staff.

Finally, the company requires everyone to contribute actively to meeting customer requirements and continuously improving the efficiency of its processes.


Company Milestones

» 2004 Infokey is founded with main activity the development and distribution of specialized software for the health and sports sector
» 2006 It enters the biometric technology industry, developing relevant applications
» 2007 It acquires the representation for the Greek market of world-renowned companies of the biometric applications industry
» 2009 Changes corporate form and becomes Ltd.
» 2010 Enters the smart camera industry, developing software for checking in to bank stores
» 2010 Enters the industry of automation systems, designing boards
» 2012 Enters the mobile telephony applications industry
» 2014 Infokey is certified with the ISO 9001:2008 Quality development system
» 2015 Establishment of integrated solutions for the management and access control of members in fitness enterprises
» 2017 Enters the industry of car station management applications (parking)