Attendance Management-Ncheck Bio Attendance

Attendance Management-Ncheck Bio Attendance

The Ncheck Bio attendance is an end-user biometric system designed to automate attendance control in a wide range of business applications, from employee time tracking to check-in at events, clubs, clinics, public and commercial facilities.




An end-user biometric system designed to automate attendance control in a wide range of business applications, from employee time tracking to check-in at events, clubs, clinics, public and commercial facilities.

The Ncheck software utilizes biometric fingerprint and facial identification to record the time of each person’s presence, automatically calculates the length of time spent in that space and generates printable Reports. Designed for installation on a desktop computer or laptop or tablet (PC) that is running under Microsoft Windows. Also can be used on Android-based smartphones or tablets.


  • Ready-to-use attendance control automation system.
  • Face, fingerprint and iris biometrics protect against errors or user fraud.
  • GPS logging for remote employee location tracking.
  • RFID/barcode can be optionally used with biometrics.
  • Employee groups and configurable shifts.
  • Reports generation for users’ attendance.
  • Cloud, client-server and stand-alone architectures.
  • Database synchronization for remote locations.
  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) support.
  • Windows and Android supported.
  • Webcams, all major models of fingerprint readers and iris scanners supported.


  • Application Details: NCheck Bio Attendance provides full user control through check-in and check-out to inform users (as soon as possible) of possible issues by email. The application is handled by an administrator who can print printable reports, extract data into XLS and CSV and manage the user database.
  • Technical Details: Ncheck Bio Attendance performs quick user registration and instant identification, allowing for the use of various fingerprints and / or faces for each user record.
  • System Requirements: Requires a processor of at least 1GHz and 256MB of free RAM.
  • Supported fingerprint scanners: More than 50 models from different manufacturers are supported, so customers can use the best scanner based on their own needs.
  • Supported Face Detection Cameras: Any webcam, camera on smartphone or tablet. It is also possible to use high resolution IP cameras.

Technical Details

  • Fingerprint image size: The NCheck software performance and usage convenience strongly depends on the used fingerprint scanner, as the fingerprint image size has direct influence on the software performance and reliability. Using larger fingerprint images results in higher identification reliability but lower response time and vice versa. Usually, the optimal fingerprint image size for NCheck software is about 300 x 400 pixels.
  • Recommendations for facial recognition: 640 x 480 pixel or better native camera resolution is recommended. Users may enroll several face images, especially with differences in appearance (i.e. beard or mustache grown or shaved off).
  • Iris image requirements: An iris on an image should be at least 64 pixels wide to provide full iris texture for iris template extraction. A specialized iris scanner, which captures eye images in near-infrared spectral region, is recommended.
  • Employee enrollment and identification: The enrollment process for an employee requires to put one’s finger on a fingerprint scanner, or to show up in front of a camera and to enter employee name, meaning that the enrollment process is fast and simple. Later the employee has to just put his/ her finger on the fingerprint reader or to show up in front of the camera for checking in or out. The NCheck software assures fast response during employee identifi cation within a recommended database size.
  • Several fingers for each user: The system allows to enroll more than one finger for each user to avoid user rejections if an incorrect finger was placed. Later, during the everyday check-in/ check-out, employees can conveniently put any of their fingers on the fingerprint reader and be accurately recognized.
  • Identification reliability: The NCheck Bio Attendance software is based on our own biometric identification technologies which reliability has been proved by multiple tests:
  1. VeriFinger fingerprint identification technology has received awards for its high reliability in competitions since 2000. The VeriFinger technology has been successfuly used in more than 1,500 end-user product brands over the past 19 years, ranging from small business-oriented solutions to national-scale systems.
  2. VeriLook facial recognition technology has been tested on public face image datasets and showed decent identification reliability. The technoloogy has millions of end-user deployments worldwide over the past 13 years.
  3. VeriEye iris identification technology has shown excellent reliability results in numerous NIST-organized evaluations since 2009.

System Requirements

We recommend to install NCheck Bio Attendance software on a dedicated PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone, which does not run any non-related applications. Such configuration is required for stable and optimal system performance.
To install and run NCheck Bio Attendance software your system should meet the following requirements:
  • Microsoft Windows specific:
A PC or laptop or tablet with x86 32- or 64-bit processor.
Microsoft Windows 7 / 8 / 10, 32-bit or 64-bit.
  • Android specific:
A tablet or smartphone with ARM-based processor. At least 1.5 GHz clock rate recommended for convenient performance. Slower processors may be also used, but the fingerprint or face processing will take longer time.
The device should have at least 512 MB of RAM.
At least 2 GB of free storage space on a build-in fl ash or external memory card.
Android 4.4 or newer.
  • One of the following devices for capturing fi ngerprints, faces or irises:
A fingerprint scanner that is supported by NCheck software.
300 x 400 pixels fi ngerprint image size is recommended; you may fi nd more details in the comparison table of the supported scanners on the next page.
A webcam, smartphone or tablet built-in camera, or other camera with at least 640 x 480 pixel native resolution.
Smartphone and tablet users should note that we recommend to use front camera in most cases, whereas the rear camera is more suitable, when an operator scans and checks attendees.
An iris scanner:
We highly recommend to use specialized iris scanners, which capture eye images in near-infrared spectral region and provide appropriate illumination and image quality for the most accurate iris recognition. Usage convenience is also assured as these scanners do not have any exceptional usage constraints. See the list of supported iris scanners on the next pages.
A smartphone or tablet build-in camera may be also used for iris capture, but proper illumination, focus and environment should be assured. Usually an operator should perform eye image capture with a smartphone or tablet camera.