facial recognition

facial recognition

Although the specific characteristics of human faces do not present the uniqueness of the akrodachtylwn and Iris of the eyes, with the result that the reliability of the facial identification is slightly smaller, this method is an important Alternative to the design and development of a biometric identification system. Its main advantages are ease of application (not requiring physical contact of the object with the detection device), its social acceptance (the face is constantly visible) and the low cost (no technologically advanced equipment is required).


Operating principle

The identification procedure is done in two stages:

» It is initially necessary to digitize a person through a picture capture device, e.g. Webcam, security camera, photo scanner, etc.
» Then the identification is achieved by the use of a composite algorithm (mathematical equation), which isolates some particular characteristics of the face, comparing them with the corresponding special traits of the persons, whose depictions They are kept in a database.

» Access Control in physical areas
» Security of software Use-user identification
» etc.