Hamster IV

148,80 Με ΦΠΑ

Hamster IV is the most popular and easy-to-use fingerprint reader of Secugen, certified by the FBL. It has a simple ergonomic design and the most durable and technologically advanced optical sensor with the use of patented biometric fingerprint technology Seirtm.


Hamster IV is easy to use, as it can be installed quickly and easily on any Windows-based computer. Its technical characteristics and design ensure reliable operation under extreme conditions and stable performance and security for an increasing number of software applications for computer, mobile, network, business and Internet. In particular, when used for biometric user identification as part of an integrated security system, it helps to avoid the management of a large number of passwords and the resolution of erroneous plikrologisewn, to reduce risks Security breach, improving user accountability, and avoiding false user registration. Finally, in conjunction with the certified MINEX Template Generator and Matcher of Secugen, biometric software applications may be developed by PIV.