Eye iris Recognition

Eye iris Recognition

The iris of every man's eye is as unique as his fingerprints. Each of our eyes has its own completely different iris with absolutely unique formations, which if no injury occurs, remain unchanged throughout our life. The diversity and complexity of these formations combined with their random distribution to the entire human population make iris usable in the development of biometric systems.


Operating principle

The identification procedure is done in two stages:

» It is initially necessary to digitally capture the iris of the eye from a distance with the use of a detector or a camera in the near infrared spectral region, where the formations of even the seemingly darker and amorphous Irises.
» Then the identification is achieved by the use of a composite algorithm (mathematical equation), which compares specific features of the digitized iris with the corresponding special traits of the irises, whose depictions They are kept in a database.

» Access Control in physical areas
» Security of software Use-user identification
» etc.