PVA Software-Secretarial support for Fysikotherapeytiriwn and Rev Centers

PVA Software-Secretarial support for Fysikotherapeytiriwn and Rev Centers

Pvasoftwaretm is a specialized integrated application of full secretarial support for Fysikotherapeytiriwn, Fysiatreiwn and clinical rehabilitation, designed and developed with the contribution of experienced scientists in the field, in order to It fully covers the operational needs of these therapeytiriwn.

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Fysikotherapeytiriwn and Fysiatreiwn secretarial support software for:

» Providing high quality services to patients (management/scheduling of appointments/sessions, compilation/management of individual askisiologiwn).
» Effective division of work, resulting in greater dedication of the therapists to their work (printing of appointments/sessions per therapist/treatment chamber or other criteria, number of residual appointments/patient sessions, Electronic reminder of events).
» Monitoring the progress and effectiveness of a treatment (registration of comments, recording of progress indicators of treatment).
» Filing Medical Certificates.
» Better organization of the patient file by reducing the required archiving space and easier and faster search for data (electronic tab/patient history, digitization of X, medical opinions and other important Documents).
» ATHEWRITWN Version (based on A.Y.O. Paul. 1083/2003) or certified (with tax mechanism) documents.
» More efficient financial management (day fund, open balances, participation of insurance institutions, ability to issue ATHEWRITWN documents).
» Total Control of finances with daily fund management (income, expenses, payroll processing).
» Reducing the time needed to process transactions with the public (electronic submission of D.A.P.Y. In Ika).
» Recording and evaluating recommendations (doctors, sports clubs, etc.).
» Systematic monitoring of sales of subscriptions and group projects.
» Statistical Processing of a multitude of data to make effective business decisions (in the form of tables or diagrams).
» Development-Support of promotions and evaluation of the media used (group correspondence, sending SMS/email).
» etc.