Turnstiles Tansa

Turnstiles Tansa

Tourniquet are widely used in public places with high turnout for controlling access and/or counting. They can operate independently or in interface with access control devices or counting softwares. Particularly in the case of access control with individual cards or biometric identification, the operator has the ability to disengage the reader as he sees fit and allows free passage.

The tourniquet Tansa are characterized for their delicate appearance and reliable operation, thanks to the high quality of the construction materials and the 25eti experience of their manufacturer.


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General characteristics

  • The tourniquet Tansa are designed to operate as reliably both indoors and outdoors (as they have anti-corrosion protection and special shelter). In the case of extreme weather conditions such as high humidity or a quantity of dust, special resistant models (custom-designed turnstiles) can be provided.
  • The tourniquet Tansa are ideal for both one-way and bi-directional passage in points of free or controlled prósbasis. However, they have an anti-wear obstruction system, as well as illuminated posture and direction indicators at the top of the base.
  • The Tourniquet Tansa allow the release of the bars and the free exit in the event of a power failure, as the legislation usually stipulates.
  • The direction of rotation of the tourniquet bars is regulated by internal sensors.
  • The smooth stabilization and quiet immobilization of the bars is achieved with a vibration absorption system.
  • In emergencies such as fire or earthquake requiring rapid evacuation of space, the tourniquet Tansa have a drop-off system, which is activated by a signal of the earthquake detection system. Similarly, the bars may fall sideways at the touch of a button during official events in order to enter VIP faces and important visitors.
  • The base is made of cast aluminum. However, the bars are made of anodized Matt Aluminum, so that over time they do not give the impression of wear and tear from the garments of the passing.