Wacom STU-530

Wacom STU-530

295,12 Με ΦΠΑ

With a 5-inch high-resolution color LCD display, the STU-530 is the ideal signature tablet for use in POS or customer transaction points. It offers a very enjoyable signature in an improved, subtle and discreet device. Its new design meets the requirements for a modern, robust, ergonomic and reliable signature tablet. Moreover, the reception of digital handwritten signatures can be used for branding, marketing or advertising purposes, making it a valid marketing tool. The 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity ensure the physical signature is obtained to satisfy legal standards. For physical security and secure transaction use AES 256bit encryption and RSA key Exchange 2048bit. Each device has a unique ID material to detect the exact unit used for a specific. The electronic pen is attached to the tablet so that it cannot be lost. The STU-530 is built for intensive use in a stable position, especially in funds and check-out systems.


High resolution 5 “TFT LCD color display 

  • Sufficient space even for wide signatures.
  • Simultaneous display of related texts, e.g. contract terms.
  • Customization with the appearance of the company logo on the screen.
  • Sharp projection, with WVGA resolution, advertising images like screensaver.

Modern ergonomic design

  • Slim and flat device, for a pleasant writing experience.
  • Built for intensive use, especially in funds and point of sale (POS).
  • Pen without battery, so you don’t need special maintenance.


  • The pen holder secures the USB cable.

EMR Technology

  • Capture the signature very accurately.
  • High resolution sensor, which detects 1,024 different levels of writing pressure.
  • Longevity of apparatus and pens, due to absence of electronic circuits.

Device and data security

  • Lock to prevent the device from being stolen.
  • Data encryption (AES 256 bit encryption/RSA 2048 Bitkey Exchange).
  • Direct transmission of data, without transient storage to the device
  • Each device has a unique ID for its identification in the transmission of the data.
  • The pen is tied with string to the device to prevent its loss.