A company producing algorithms and software development packages for biometric applications for security systems, software development and electronic systems. Since its establishment in 1990 in Vilnius, Lithuania to date, it has developed more than 40 products and upgrades, while from 2004 it also deals with applications of artificial intelligence and robotics for image identification machines, systems Security and artificial vision, industrial installations and robots. Today it has a commercial presence worldwide, with more than 2,000 customers in more than 98 countries.

Its products have received numerous international discriminations, most importantly the award of the Touch recognition algorithm as the most reliable in the “International Fingerprint Identification Competition (IFVC) (fvc2006, fvc2004, fvc2002 and fvc2000) and as a Of the five most accurate internationally by the “International Institute of Standards and Technology NIST) (FPVTE 2003). Finally, the composite biometric touch/Face Recognition System MegaMatcher 2.0 is one of the 12 systems worldwide with full certification (NIST MINEX certification) by the U.S. government. And Neurotechnology is recognized as their official supplier.