Tansa was established in 1962 for the purpose of manufacturing clocks and desktop clocks. The company manufactured accurate wheels and automations that had been imported from Switzerland for machinery, chemistry and gas industries. As a result of the great demand for sensitive mechanical components, the company increased the investment made in sensitive machinery components and with the increased number and qualification of its employees, started manufacturing timers for washing machines and dish washers at first, and later started to manufacture a hundred percent “Made in Turkey” pendulum clocks.

Boosting its investments with a million German brands loan for its industrial investments after 1980 Tansa was now 2nd large factory worldwide that manufactured clocks. When the company participated in clock industry exhibition in Switzerland, teachers and students of clock manufacturing education association visited the company’s stand, asking in astonishment: ”do Turks manufacture clocks too”? Afterwards Tansa began exporting mechanical pendulum clocks to Switzerland as well. With the Quartz technology that flourished through the end of 1980s. mechanical clock industry collapsed worldwide.

Tansa was already a part of security sector as the company manufactured watchman clocks. Sector demanded from Tansa reliable turnstiles that could operate many years without compromise from performance. Firstly reviewing turnstiles and how they operate as well as complaints received about common turnstiles, Tansa manufactured a turnstile mechanism that would meet these demands, without even examining any other turnstile mechanism. Should the company have examined a turnstile mechanism, it would inevitably construct a similar mechanism.

Due to customer satisfaction, Tansa started to produce machine parts in computer controlled CNC machines in order to meet the increasing demand. Today, in addition to the classic Universal machine tools, CNC lathe, milling cutters and CNC controlled apkant presses make it easy to meet time-limited orders.

Tansa also manufacture all their electronic systems and cards in their electronic department. Tansa is aware of how quality and precision of our employees will be realized because of the start of industrial life with clock production. Hence, thanks to “turnstiles like clockwork”, they continue to move forward with sure steps in international area.