Business Activity


Our products and services are aimed at companies in the private and public sectors, coming from various business sectors, such as:

Gyms, Wellness Centers and Aesthetic Institutes

Sports Centers, Clubs and Associations

Dance schools

Municipalities and Municipal Enterprises

Physiotherapy and Private Medical Centers

Physical and Orthopaedic Clinics

Pharmaceutical Companies

Banking Institutions

Construction and Technical Companies

Informatics Companies

Commercial and Industrial Companies

If you belong to any of the above branches, contact us in order to provide you with the solution you need.


Company Milestones

» 2004 Infokey is founded with main activity the development and distribution of specialized software for the health and sports sector
» 2006 It enters the biometric technology industry, developing relevant applications
» 2007 It acquires the representation for the Greek market of world-renowned companies of the biometric applications industry
» 2009 Changes corporate form and becomes Ltd.
» 2010 Enters the smart camera industry, developing software for checking in to bank stores
» 2010 Enters the industry of automation systems, designing boards
» 2012 Enters the mobile telephony applications industry
» 2014 Infokey is certified with the ISO 9001:2008 Quality development system
» 2015 Establishment of integrated solutions for the management and access control of members in fitness enterprises
» 2017 Enters the industry of car station management applications (parking)