Pgmsoftware-Management of sports centres

Pgmsoftware-Management of sports centres

Pgmsoftwaretm recommends the most reliable integrated application of full management of gyms, sports centres and clubs, martial arts schools, dance schools, wellness centres (Spas) and beauty-slimming institutes, as attested And the hundreds of software installations we support today in Greece and Cyprus.

Developed (and continues to expand) with the contribution of experienced professionals in the sector as a dynamic tool, with the ability to cover the constantly evolving-but also the particular needs of their businesses.


Effective fitness management software for:

» Analytical archiving through customer records.
» Computerization of the Customer book (Mathitologio).
» Automatic recording of client instances via Bar Code system or fingerprint footprint.
» Effective access control with access control input system interface and tourniquet.
» Filing Medical Certificates.
» Recording SWMATOMETRIKWN member data.
» ATHEWRITWN Version (based on A.Y.O. Paul. 1083/2003) or certified (with tax mechanism) documents.
» Total Financial control with daily fund management (income, expenses, payroll).
» Support in Business decision-making, based on the statistical data and reporting provided.
» Effective scheduling of service appointments and additional benefits (e.g. Vibration platform, sauna, solarium).
» Systematic monitoring of sales of subscriptions and group projects.
» Management of Team training courses (planning and attendance of trainees).
» Compilation of individual exercise programs for individual training.
» Support for promotions such as phone campaigns, group correspondences, SMS/email, and public relations, thanks to the reminder of nominal holidays and birthdays.
» Database Security with the creation of backup files.
» Different levels of access security through the management of individual profiles for each user.
» Warehouse/Inventory Management.
» Ease of Use due to the Software's window features.
» etc.