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Full-page Travel document reader in one step, which supports multiple functions: full-page scanning, image extraction, optical character recognition (OCR), IR or UV illumination, and radio-frequency chip reading ( RFID).

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Realpass-V is a multi-function travel document reader, as it implements a full-page reading of all personal data, including both data from the visual part and the Stored data in the integrated electronic microprocessor (microchip) of identification via ICAO RFID radio frequencies, which carry travel documents, biometric passports, electronic IDs and generally smart cards. It is widely used in immigration control services, as it processes a variety of high security data such as OCR, photographs, characters even RFID electronic passport microchip. Very fast processing is achieved with automatic paper scanning, full reading at one stage and USB 2.0 interface. In combination with quality control software, Realpass-V can be used in biometric passport issuance services (e-passport).