Wacom STU-430

Wacom STU-430

The STU-430 is a signature tablet with a monochromatic display, full functionality and a modern, slim and flat shape. It has a fairly wide screen of 4.3 "to fit broad signatures, but also to display touch keys in it. The reflective LCD screen is easily readable in a variety of lighting conditions. The STU-430 is extremely durable, combining patented and maintenance-free EMR technology of Wacom with more than 1024 levels of pressure and an enhanced protective from scratched glass surface on the LCD screen. AES-256/RSA-2048 encryption is used for security purposes. The built-in digital pen holder has a double role as a lock to prevent accidental disconnection of the USB cable.


4.5 "LCD Monochrome display 

  • Sufficient space even for wide signatures.
  • Space to display touch finction keys.
  • Anti-reflective screen for reading in a variety of lighting conditions.

Modern ergonomic design

  • Slim and flat device, for a pleasant writing experience.
  • Built for intensive use, especially in funds and point of sale (POS).
  • Pen without battery, so you don't need special maintenance.


  • The pen holder secures the USB cable.
  • To connect peripherals such as card readers and fingerprints.

EMR Technology

  • Capture the signature very accurately.
  • High resolution sensor, which detects 1,024 different levels of writing pressure.
  • Longevity of apparatus and pens, due to absence of electronic circuits.

Device and data security

  • Lock to prevent the device from being stolen.
  • Data encryption (AES 256 bit encryption/RSA 2048 Bitkey Exchange).
  • Direct transmission of data, without transient storage to the device
  • Each device has a unique ID for its identification in the transmission of the data.
  • The pen is tied with string to the device to prevent its loss.